Love's Labour's Lost

1st to 4th August
Directed by Ian Wood

Navarre shall be the wonder of the world;
Our court shall be a little Academe,
Still and contemplative in living art.
— Ferdinand Act I Sc 1

The King of Navarre and his friends vow to spend three years in secluded study, but the arrival of the Princess of France and her attendants undermines their resolve...

Love's Labour's Lost is a witty battle of the sexes. Four idealistic men more than find their match in four resourceful women as Love triumphs over Academe. A crowd of comic characters - led by an eccentric Spaniard - create confusion as the plot twists and turns towards a surprising end.

The play offers spectacle, music and dance - all part of the tradition established by the Abbey Shakespeare Players in the magical setting of St Dogmaels Abbey.

From women's eyes this doctrine I derive:
They sparkle still the right Promethean fire;
They are the books, the arts, the academes,
That show, contain, and nourish all the world.
— Berowne Act IV Sc 3


King Ferdinand of NavarreJoe Kao
BerowneMarcel Bruneau
LongavilleEd Long
DumaineIestyn Thomas
LordTony Shepherd
The Princess of FranceAnnie Sheen
RosalineKathryn Daw
MariaHeledd Hart
KatharineMary Glynn
BoyetSimon Bainbridge
First LordCharlie Guest
Second LordTim Chadwick
Marcade, a messengerIan Wood
Don Adriano de ArmadoAndrew Frank
Moth, his pageMartyn Wigley
Nathaniel, a curateJohn Skevington
Holofernia, a schoolmistressGeorgina Ferry
Dull, a constableHenry Morris
Costard, a clownWill Long
ForesterMike Hall
Jaquenetta, a country wenchBrook Newland
VillagersJane Morris, Ann Christys, Ann Shepherd, Hermione Miltiadou


DirectorIan Wood
ComposerRichard Morris
RepetiteurHenry Ward
Lighting and TechnicalDavid Long
Set DecorationDavid Long, Penny Miltiadou
ChoreographerAndrew Frank
WardrobeStephanie Ross, Jane Kipling
PropertiesPenny Miltiadou, Claire Milinczuk
PosterGeorgina Ferry
Programme/T-shirt designFred Orton
Front of HouseVanora Clowes, Jane Hall, Janet Paynter, Geoff & Trish Walker
Local SupportMike and Jane Hall
SetRobert Fitzmartin and Henry VIII

Musicians and voices

FluteAimee Baker, Marcus Mattison
ClarinetAnn Macleod
KeyboardsAndrew Wilshere, Tim Chadwick
ViolaMarcus Mattison
ViolincelloBob Dent
PercussionAnn Christys, Doug Bransden, Katie Macleod
SpringJane Morris, Ann Christys, Ann Shepherd
WinterAndrew Frank
Owls and CuckoosThe Company