The Winter's Tale

5ed i 8fed Awst
Cyfarwyddwyd gan Mick Mangan

But thus: if powers divine
Behold our human actions, as they do,
I doubt not then but innocence shall make
False accusation blush and tyranny
Tremble at patience.

A story of second chances: King Polixenes convicts his wife of adultery, consigns his daughter to be eaten by wild beasts, and exiles his most trusted adviser. But for almost everyone, death turns out to be an illusion and reconciliation restores harmony.


Leontes, King of SiciliaIan Wood
Hermione, Queen of SiciliaGeorgina Ferry
Mamillius, their sonEdward Long
Perdita, daughter to Leontes and HermioneFiona Fulton
Camillo, counsellor to LeontesBill Rowlinson
Antigonus, a Sicilian lordClive Burgess
Cleomenes, a lady ot the Sicilian courtJennifer Carrick
Paulina, wife to AntigonusLinda Kirk
EmiliaZara Mangan
GaolerMike Hall
MarinerMike Hall
Lords Mick Mangan, Richard Dyball
HandmaidsJane Clare, Kate McCallum, Mary McCallum, Rachael Mangan
Polixenes, King of BohemiaDuncan McCallum
Florizel, his sonGraham Ellis
Autolycus, a pedlarRichard Carwardine
Old ShepherdessHelen McCallum
Young Shepherd, her sonWilliam McCaffrey
Archidamus, a lady of the Bohemian courtJane Coppola
Mopsa and Dorcas, shepherd girlsRachel Mangan, Jane Clare
Servant to shepherdJane Coppola
ChildrenPeter Clare, Edward Long, William Long, Kate McCallum, Mary McCallum


DirectorMick Mangan
Original Music and directionRoland Clare
Lighting David Long
ChoreographyJane Coppola
Wardrobe and propertiesJane Hall, Mary Goddard
Costumes University of Sheffield Staff Dramatic Society
Kitty Burrows and Workshop Theatre, University of Leeds
PuppetsLynette Muir
Poster designTheo Kuechel
Animal trainerHywel Fardel
Front of HouseJane Hall, Hilary Rowlinson
SetRobert Fitzmartin & Henry VIII