The Merry Wives of Windsor

7fed i 10fed Awst
Cyfarwyddwyd gan Henry Morris

Setting the attractions of my good parts aside, I have no other charms.

Falstaff is short of friends and down on his luck; that doesn’t stop him breezing into Windsor with hopes of simultaneously seducing two married women for their money. But the formidable Mistresses Page and Ford see right through him, and the Merry Wives turn the tables.


The fun that ensues draws on human foibles worthy of any TV sitcom. Think unsubstantiated jealousy, inverted snobbery, social awkwardness, bureaucratic incompetence, and, of course, keeping up with the Joneses.

A contemporary take on one of Shakespeare's funniest comedies, this was the 33rd annual production by the Abbey Shakespeare Players. With a finale of spectacular rural magic, this play celebrates life and love in ways that had laughter ringing out under the Pembrokeshire night sky.