The Merchant of Venice

6ed i 9fed Awst
Cyfarwyddwyd gan Amy Levene

The brain may devise laws for the blood, but a hot temper leaps o'er a cold decree.
— Portia, Act I Sc 2

A merchant risks life and limb to help his friend Bassanio pursue love, while the object of Bassanio's desire lies in a choice of three caskets.

Ancient grudges and fast judgements come into play as bonds are made and betrayed among the colourful characters of a city built on slippery decadence.

Court-room thriller, romantic comedy and social exploration are masterfully woven together in this controversial comedy-drama.

As the sun sets overhead and seagulls wheel on the sea breeze, be transported to the bustling canals and shady alleyways of Venice.

I have sworn an oath that I will have my bond.
Thou call'dst me dog before thou hadst a cause;
But, since I am a dog, beware my fangs.
— Shylock, Act III Sc 3

Bassanio reads the note from a casket


The Duke of VeniceIan Wood
Antonio, a merchant of VeniceRichard Carwardine
Bassanio, his friend, suitor of PortiaJoe Kao
Gratiano, friend of Antonio and BassanioMatthew Bellwood
Salerio, friend of Antonio and BassanioTim Buck
Solanio, friend of Antonio and BassanioTony Shepherd
Portia, the Lady of BelmontMary Glynn
Nerissa, Portia's waiting-womanBeth Guiver
Shylock, a Jew of VeniceRichard Mitchley
Jessica, daughter of ShylockGemma Streat
Lorenzo, in love with JessicaOscar Stafford
Launcelot Gobbo, servant of ShylockHenry Morris
Old Gobbo, father of LauncelotGeoffrey Summers
Tubal, Shylock's friendIan Wood
Leonardo, servant of BassanioMatt Watson-Power
Lady of the RialtoEmma Hall
Balthasar, servant of PortiaGeorgina Ferry
Servant girlSophie Watson-Power
PagesJaygo & Felix Watson-Power
Magnificoes and ClerksJane Morris, Ann Shepherd, Ann Christys, Linda Kirk, Georgina Ferry
Casketeers,Jane Morris, Ann Shepherd, Ann Christys, Geoffrey Summers, Katie Weatherall, Linda Kirk


DirectorAmy Levene
Assistant directorsWill Long & Henry Morris
Voice coachLinda Kirk
ComposerRichard Morris
Lighting designer & Technical directorDavid Long
Technical supportDominic Hargreaves
Costume designerIzzy Pellow
Wardrobe & PropsPenny Miltiadou & Helen Groth
Poster designAmy Levene
Front of HouseJane Hall
SetRobert Fitzmartin & Henry VIII


Bassoon/fluteBen Hardy
HornLaurence Matthews
PercussionFelix Watson-Power
KeyboardsHenry Ward
Violin/hornEmma Booth
CelloBob Dent