4ydd i 7fed Awst
Cyfarwyddwyd gan Ian Wood

Pericles is a tale of sea-journeys, of storms and pirates, and – above all – of love lost and found. The play's action takes place at sea and in six cities of the eastern Mediterranean. It provided great opportunities for both spectacle and music, which have become the hallmarks of Abbey Shakespeare Players productions.

A man whom both the waters and the wind
In that vast tennis court hath made the ball
For them to play upon…
— Pericles Act II Sc 1

Pericles was one of Shakespeare's most popular plays in his own lifetime. Yet for many years it was not performed. Recently a number of productions have shown what a gripping and moving work it is – especially in its depiction of the relationships between Pericles, his wife Thaisa and his daughter Marina.

This is the rarest dream that e'er dull sleep
Did mock sad fools withal: this cannot be…
— Pericles Act V Sc 1

Pericles is the first of Shakespeare's late romances. In these plays the leading characters suffer numerous misadventures before ultimately achieving happiness. The Abbey Shakespeare Players have already performed the other late romances – The Winter's Tale (1992), The Tempest (1997) and Cymbeline (1998) – with great success.


John Gower as ChorusRichard Carwardine
Pericles, Prince of TyreJoe Kao
Thaisa, daughter to SimonidesAbbey Wright
Marina, daughter to Pericles and ThaisaOlivia Bradbury
Antiochus, King of AntiochIan Wood
Daughter of AntiochusAmy Levene
Thaliart, a lord of AntiochEd Long
Messenger of AntiochHarry Booth
HelicanusHenry Morris
EscanesTony Shepherd
1st Lord of TyreClive Burgess
2nd Lord of TyreMike Hall
Cleon, Governer of TarsusRichard Morris
Dionyza, wife to CleonTerry Ram
Leonine, servant to DionyzaHenry Morris
Lord of TarsusTim Chadwick
1st PirateTim Chadwick
2nd PirateEd Long
3rd PirateMatthew Bellwood
FisherwomanLinda Kirk
1st FishermanEd Long
2nd FishermanTim Chadwick
Simonides, King of PentapolisAndrew Frank
MarshalTony Shepherd
Lychorida, nurse to MarinaJane Morris
Ladies of the courtAmy Levene, Annie Sheen, Jane Morris, Ann Shepherd, Daisy Orton
1st KnightMatthew Bellwood
2nd KnightWill Long
3rd KnightEd Long
4th KnightTim Chadwick
5th KnightHal Munby
Cerimon, a doctorGeorgina Ferry
Philemon, servant to CerimonHelena Clowes
Poor womanAnne Shepherd
BoyHenri Williams
1st GentlewomanAmy Levene
2nd GentlewomanAnn Christys
Diana, Goddess of ChastityAnn Christys
Lysimachus, GovernerMatthew Bellwood
BawdLinda Kirk
PandarAndrew Frank
Boult, the Pandar's servantWill Long
Lord of MytileneTim Chadwick
1st GentlemanMike Hall
2nd GentlemanClive Burgess


DirectorIan Wood
CodirectorTerry Ram
DesignerAmy Levene
Musical DirectorHenry Ward
ComposerRichard Morris
Lighting and TechnicalDavid Long
Chief ElectricianGideon Baker
Stage ManagerDaisy Orton
ChoreographerAnnie Sheen
Fight ArrangementEd and Will Long
Set BuildingBea and Hal Munby
PropertiesPenny Miltiadou, Kate Standen
PosterFred Orton
WebsiteEd Long
Front of HouseVanora Clowes, Jane Hall, Janet Paynter, Geoff and Trish Walker
Local SupportMike and Jane Hall
SetRobert Fitzmartin and Henry VIII


Musical DirectorHenry Ward
ViolinsJackie Cima, Gideon Baker, Jen Robinson
ViolaBeatrice Munby
CelloMarjorie Ashenden
BassoonChris Bentley
KeyboardAmanda Holden, Henry Ward, Chris Bentley
PercussionAnn Christys, Hal Munby, Richard Morris