All's Well That Ends Well

31ain Gorffennaf i 3ydd Awst
Cyfarwyddwyd gan Ian Wood and the company

But with the word the time will bring on summer,
When briars shall have leaves as well as thorns
And be as sharp as sweet.

Doctor's daughter Helena cures the king when all had given him up for dead, and in reward he promises her the hand of any of the gentlemen at his court. She chooses her childhood companion Bertram of Rossillion - only for him to reject her and go off to war with his comrades in arms. The resourceful Helena tricks him into making her pregnant, and (so Shakespeare would have us believe) they live happily ever after.


The household of the Countess of Rossillion
The Countess of RossillionLinda Kirk
Bertram, her sonWilliam McCaffrey
HelenaGeorgina Ferry
Parolles, companion to BertramRichard Carwardine
Rynaldo, Steward in the Countess's householdDuncan McCallum
Lavatch, Clown in the Countess's householdMick Mangan
Page in the Countess's householdEdward Long
Isbel, Latvatch's womanHelen McCallum
The Court of the King of France
The King of FranceIan Wood
Lord LafewBill Rowlinson
Lord Dumaine the elderGraham Ellis
Lord Dumaine the youngerClive Burgess
LordsIan Beedham, James Archer
A GentlemanTim Eyres
The Duke of FlorenceTim Eyres
Widow CapiletHelen McCallum
Diana, her daughterFiona Fulton
Mariana, a friend of the widowChristine Barber
Violenta, her friendCressida Whitton
Morgan . French soldierDuncan McCallum
Second French soldierMike Hall
MessengerMike Hall
Soldiers, Attendants,Women and Children of FlorenceMary and Kate McCallum, Rachel Mangan


ProductionIan Wood
Stage DirectionThe Company
MusicRichard Morris
SoundJohn Chambers
Lighting David Long
GafferEdward Morris
Best BoyWilliam Long
Costumes byJulia Morrison and the University of Sheffield Staff Dramatic Society, Lynette Muir
Mr Mangan's costume Kitty Burrows
Mr Carwardine's hair Judy Williams
Properties and wardrobeMaxine Chambers, Mary Goddard, Jane Hall
A.S.M.Mike Goddard
Front of HouseJane Hall, Hilary Rowlinson
PosterClare Ward
SetRobert Fitzmartin & Henry VIII